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About Us

What we do for Children

Provide hope and healing through counselling to child abuse victims.

The Children's Treatment Centre is a community based, community supported agency committed to the prevention and treatment of child abuse in Cornwall, the United Counties of Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry and Akwesasne.

We provide free and immediate assessment and treatment to any child in need and that child's family. The Centre is a unique agency. It is entirely funded by the community it serves and receives no government funding. As such, it is able to channel the bulk of its resources towards those who need it the most - the children.

NOTICE: Please be advised that all disclosures made of child abuse will be reported to the Children's Aid Society of S. D. & G. or Akwesasne Child & Family Services to fulfill professional mandatory reporting requirements.

Community Funded


Children helped since 1996

2380 and growing

Services offered at no cost


Messages from our Community Partners

I've had the distinct honour and pleasure to serve as Chief of Police in Cornwall since January 2004. While becoming familiar with my new community, I heard continually of the Children's Treatment Centre, its tremendous work, and the significant impact it was having.

What a comfort to learn of the humanitarian efforts of such a wonderful, professional, and caring organization. The link between frontline police and the Centre predated my arrival but I knew we had an invaluable community partner and needed to continue our full support. As a result, we've referred thousands of children to the Centre.

In my first year as Chief of Police, I was guest speaker at a breakfast held by the Centre. Full of idealism, I said one of my philosophical priorities would be to try and put the Centre out of business. My hope was that diligence in preventing assaults would drastically reduce the need for treatment. Sadly, children continue to suffer abuse and probably always will. So the Centre is vitally important in our shared responsibilities. If we can't prevent heartbreaking abuse, we must ensure those who suffer get early intervention and the best professional treatment.

I tip my hat to the Children's Treatment Centre for its first 20 years; to its support staff and professional therapists; and to the communities who give, and give and give to ensure the Centre is properly funded and staffed to keep essential services available to all who need them.

On behalf of the Ionkwanonhsasetsi Adolescent Treatment Centre (IATC) and the Mohawk Council of Akwesasne we send our congratulations and appreciation to the Children's Treatment Centre for 20 years of continuing service.

For the past several years the Children's Treatment Centre (CTC) has been a beacon of light for adolescents here in Akwesasne and other First Nation adolescents who are referred to our facility. The Children's Treatment Centre has continuously been committed to providing counselling services to the adolescents here in the IATC. There are times when adolescents seek to have confidential counselling services outside our treatment Centre and the CTC has at all times been willing to accommodate to meet their needs. We always recommend the Children's Treatment Centre for their high quality of professional assistance and quality of care.

Over the years we have grown to know the CTC staff on a first name basis. We appreciate that the CTC staff make themselves available to graciously attend client graduations. We appreciate Bob Smith who takes a special interest in our community and has a tremendous respect for our culture and traditions. The Children's Treatment Centre team has become a big part of our family and we commend everyone for their hard work and dedication especially, for the children that they serve.

On behalf of the Youth Probation Office with the Ministry of Children and Youth Services, we wish to extend our heartfelt congratulations to the Children's Treatment Centre celebrating their 20th anniversary. We remain very fortunate and grateful to have such a wonderful organization in our community which addresses specific coun- selling needs. We supervise youths who have been convicted of sexual offences and the Children's Treatment Centre provides the required expertise to assist these youths to address the dynamics of their offences and frequently address their own past victimization. With the professional counselling offered by the excellent staff with the Children's Treatment Centre, we have opportunity to assist our vulnerable youths into becoming more responsible and respectful adults. We thank the Children's Treatment Centre for all their good work and hope for many, many years of continued collaboration in helping the youths in our community.

On behalf of Laurencrest Youth Services Inc. I want to extend our warmest wishes to Bob Smith and his clinical team from the Children's Treatment Centre as they celebrate a remarkable milestone ... twenty-years of providing hope and healing to children and youth in our community who have been unfortunate victims of abuse. Your courage, steadfast commitment and perseverance are profound characteristics necessary to improve the lives of children and youth experiencing trauma in their lives.

We have long valued our relationship with the Children's Treatment Centre in terms of staff training and more importantly providing direct services to youth in our care. The benefits are self-evident. As a society, as a community and as an individual we are obligated to eradicate abuse of children and youth. For our community there is comfort in the fact that should the necessity arise the Children's Treatment Centre is there to provide a warm blanket of empathy, compassion and support to the children and families on a difficult journey. We are very fortunate for having the Children's Treatment Centre as an integral part of our community. Thank-you for all you do!

Our Programs

The Centre provides three (3) programs for children and adolescents.

The first program operated by the Centre is for children and adolescents, five (5) to eighteen (18) years who have been physically and/or sexually abused. They receive assessment and counselling services to recover from the traumatic effects of the abuse they suffered.

The second program at the Centre provides assessment and counselling services to adolescents, twelve (12) to seventeen (17) years who have committed sexual offences against young children.

The Centre's third program is for children ages five (5) to eleven (11) years who are sexually reactive or sexually aggressive towards same age peers.

Clinical Team

(l-r) Dr. Beth Pollock, Psychologist; Sandra Butler, Therapist; Robert Smith, Executive Director;
Robine Sabourin, Administrative Assistant and Nathalie Lamarche, Registered Psychotherapist.

The Children's Treatment Centre is fortunate to have a group of eminently qualified and highly skilled clinicians who make up the Centre's Clinical Staff. They have provided high quality counselling services to sexually and/or physically abused children and their families in our community for the past 19 years. Based on two Client Satisfaction Surveys done during those years with the results showing high levels of satisfaction reported by clients who received service from the Centre. Furthermore, the Centre has not received a single service complaint during those years and parent/caregiver referrals now make up the majority of the referrals the Centre receives. The clients who received service from the Centre are it major P.R. ambassadors.

Robert Smith, Executive Director Our Executive Director has a Masters Degree and has completed all the doctoral courses at the Harvard University Graduate School of Education for a doctorate in Human Development. He worked at the Children's Aid Society as a Supervisor for ll years and was the Supervisor of the Child Abuse Treatment Program at the C.A.S., until it was terminated. He is a highly skilled counsellor who is well respected for his expertise in the area of child abuse.

Nathalie Lamarche Nathalie Lamarche is a Registered Psychotherapist at the Centre. She has been a therapist at the Centre for 17 years. She has a B.A. in Psychology, a Bachelor's Degree in Education and a Master's Degree from the University of Quebec in Montreal. She received training in Sand Play Therapy, EMDR Therapy and other forms of treatment like Art Therapy. Her previous experience includes as a teacher as well as a social work at the Children's Aid Society. Nathalie is a most competent and highly accomplished counsellor and has the skill and expertise to relate to children of all age groups and their parents.

Dr. Beth Pollock Dr. Beth Pollock is our Clinical Psychologist and does psychological assessments of children attending the Centre. Dr. Pollock has a Ph.D. in Neuropsychology from the University of Windsor. She joined the Centre's Clinical Team five years ago. Dr. Pollock provides invaluable clinical knowledge and perspectives to counsellors to develop the best treatment plan for each child. Dr. Pollock is an asset to the Centre's Clinical Team.

Sandra Butler Sandra is our third counsellor who joined the Centre in August 2015. She has a Masters of Social Work Degree from McGill University. In addition, Sandra possesses an Honours B.A. in Social Work from Lakehead University and an Honours B.A. with specialization in Psychology from the University of Ottawa.

Robine Sabourin Joined the Children's Treatment Centre 8 years ago as our Administrative Assistant. She has a diploma from St Lawrence College and works very closely with the Clinical Staff and Project Coordinator. She is a very positive, dedicated and highly skilled person to have working at the Centre.

Reception Volunteers

What a very fulfilling way to spend some of your extra time, volunteering at the Children's Treatment Centre. The first person the children will see upon entering the Centre is the smiling, warm faces of the volunteers, who make them feel welcome, not intimidated.

The Children's Treatment Centre is lucky to have a dedicated selection of volunteer receptionists who are there to offer snacks and juices to the children and to make sure they are comfortable. Part of their responsibilities are booking appointments, answering the numerous telephone calls received daily, writing receipts for the various fundraisers and also to entre data into the computer.

The Children's Treatment Centre is funded exclusively through community donations and through having a volunteer replace the receptionist, the Centre is able to save about $25,000.00 or more yearly which in turn is helping a wonderful cause "THE CHILDREN".

Volunteer Drivers

Where would the Children's Treatment Centre be without the volunteer drivers who donate their precious time and their vehicles.

We are indeed blessed to have several dedicated volunteers willing to drive and pick up the children who have appointments at the Centre for counselling but no way of getting there. They take pride in helping the children receive the counselling they need and do not hesitate to drive to Maxville, Alexandria, Winchester and various other locations in Cornwall, Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry to pick up these children and then return them after their appointments.

It takes special people to provide transportation to children and their families in need at a time in their life when a helping hand is greatly appreciated. So on their behalf "THANK YOU".

Events & Fundraisers

Since its inception more than 19 years ago, the Centre has operated without government funding. It exists primarily because of donations from local businesses, corporations, financial institutions, civic groups, churches and concerned individuals. This requires continued fundraising by teams of volunteers, who believe the Centre makes a difference in the lives of children served at the Centre. Our status is unique in Ontario, and our independence of any government body and its higher administrative costs means more funds collected go directly into treatment.

The Centre's five major fundraising events are:

#1 Celebrity Walk & Breakfast

The event, started by the local daily newspaper, The Standard-Freeholder, is the Centre's largest annual fundraising event held each fall. It raises an average of $150,000. The participants each donate $100 or obtain pledges, and their pictures are then twice published in the Standard-Freeholder.

#2 Bike-A-Thon Plus

This is the Centre's second largest fundraising event, held in May every year and raises over $100,000. The Bike-A-Thon Plus features various activities which meet the needs and interests of all age groups.

#3 Charity Auction & Dinner

This event held every February has both live and silent auctions, and raises about $50,000 a year.

#4 Dinner & Roast

The Centre has been successful in inviting a number of personalities of national prominence to this event including two former Prime Ministers, four former Premiers, four former Cabinet Ministers and three Senators. This event usually raises close to $20,000.00.

#5 Sponsor of the Day

This fundraising event is presented by the three local media. For a donation of $100.00, you can have an ad published in the local daily newspaper, aired on two local radio stations twice a day, and shown on our local cable television. These ads are provided to the Centre by these media free of charge. The Sponsor of the Day raises $35,000 for the Centre. The main source of the remainder of the Centre's revenue is from donations.

Annual General Meeting

This event is planned to honour our major supporters, who have maintained this program over these years. Every year, we present a plaque to our major supporters in recognition of the contribution they make helping us in our effort to meet the needs of abused children served at the Centre.

The services offered by the Centre are unique, in that this is the only program for abused children in the province of Ontario that is fully funded by community support alone. The Centre enjoys a wide range of support from all sectors in the community.

The Centre is a beacon of hope for these children and families in our community. If a community is judged by how it treats its most vulnerable members, our area the Centre serves has much to be proud of.


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We've been able to help over 2,377 kids from over 2,047 families since we began our efforts back in 1996 and all of our efforts continue to be funded entirely by the community we serve and regional organizations. The need is still very prevalent today and we urge you to help out with a donation or by supporting one of our many fundraisers held throughout the year.

We have a number of ongoing support and fundraising initiatives available to you throughout the year. See below for more details on some of the way you can help protect the children of our community.

Ways You Can Help

Fundraisers & Events

Throughout the year, we host fundraising events encouraging the public to get involved and learn more about our mission and community services. These events are the major way for us to drive donations and continue to fund our efforts throughout the year.

Corporate & Patron Sponsors

Many groups, organizations and individuals join our efforts by sponsoring The Children's Treatment Centre or specific events and projects. Mostly, the sponsorships come through donations, however we have some that are through in-kind services.

Sponsor of the Day

One of our most popular sponsorships is the 'Sponsor of the Day' where 07individuals can join the hundreds of supporters that help us out through donations to wish greetings, in memorium or for a business/organization to show its support. In turn, we include their name in our 'Sponsor of the Day' advertising in the newspaper, on the radio, and our local cable television.

Special Occasion Gifts

Some of our support comes through memorial donations and special occasion gifts. Please contact us, via email or phone, to discuss the details or find out more info.

We Need Your Help

Our efforts are entirely funded by the community and regional organizations so it's ever so important to raise as much as we can to continue our efforts to prevent and heal victims of child abuse. Please use the box below to securely make your donation:

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